4PEOPLE Civic Association has been established in 2007 and set in order to strengthen the formation of a civil society, especially by supporting of actvities pointing the improvement of socially excluded people's situation.

Our activities we can divide into following areas:
- support of European social dialogue,
- discrimination combiting,
- gender equality promotion,
- social projects realization, connected with the active employment policy,
- educational courses providing,
- preparation of thematic conferences and seminars.

4PEOPLE Civic Association was originated by reason of enthusiasm of its members in contribution to promoting new tools of active labour policy and these members consider their work as a mission. And that is why our association specializes itself in people socially excluded or in disadvantaged groups of people in the labour market (recent graduates, young people, seniors, etc.).

For this year 2008 we started with two projects granted by the European social fund and a state budget of the Czech Republic. Both projects are aimed at people someway disadvantaged at the labour market. First project, called "K2" is focused on young unemployed people graduated at grammar-school or university. The project developes portability of key competences and orientation at labour market, practical experience and potential contact with designated employer. Second one project named "Nikdy nenÝ pozdý" ("It's never too late") helps to people of 50+ age, who wish to gain their knowledge in chosen fields. Participants will pass a number of courses and seminars, which increase their qualification and competitive advance at the labour market; professional job diagnostic from the labour market's point of view is another dedicated part of this project to its participators.

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